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Say No To Hair loss, Yes To Strong And Healthy Hair-
Get The Best Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad, Vaishali and Noida

Heavy hair fall can be a matter of concern for many. It has various causes. If you are looking to go beyond trying to figure out these causes and do something about it practically, we know the place! Dr. Johar’s Plastic Surgery Group provides the best hair loss/ hair fall treatment. We offer hair rejuvenation, hair restoration and preventive treatments for excessive hair fall/hair loss like IV infusion therapy, nutraceuticals and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma).

Causes of heavy hair fall/loss

  • Pollution 
  • Excessive heating and styling of hair
  • Side effects of certain medicines and surgeries
  • Stress
  • Symptoms of certain diseases and disorders
  • Menopause
  • Smoking
  • Poor scalp health
  • Low hair follicle immunity 

What is Hair Fall/Hair loss Treatment?

It is necessary to provide the required nutrients to the roots of your hair to strengthen it and accelerate its regrowth. The hair follicles are stimulated which further helps in improving scalp health and reducing hair problems.


  • Reduces hair fall
  • Improves hair quality
  • Enhances hair volume
  • Strengthens hair
  • Improves scalp health 
  • Accelerates hair regrowth 

Treatment by Dr. Manoj K Johar’s Plastic Surgery Group

We will evaluate your condition and will ask your health history. You will have an opportunity to discuss treatment options and the recommended course of treatment, explore outcomes of procedures and the potential risks and complications associated, and get your questions answered. We offer the customized and combination treatment plan based on the individual’s problem to effectively enhance the scalp health and accelerate hair regrowth. They help in improving blood flow which ensures hair revitalization. 

What should you expect during the consultation?

When consulting Dr. Manoj K Johar for Hair Fall Treatment in Noida, expect a thorough evaluation of your hair and scalp health. As a leading Hair Fall Treatment Doctor in Noida, he delves into your medical history, lifestyle, and nutrition habits. The initial consultation focuses on understanding the root causes of hair fall, ensuring that the treatment plan is tailored to your specific needs. Dr. Johar's expertise as the best doctor for hair fall treatment in Noida guarantees a comprehensive and empathetic approach to your concerns.

What should you expect during the treatment?

During the Hair Fall Treatment, Dr. Manoj K Johar, a renowned Hair Fall Doctor in Noida, employs advanced techniques to address hair loss effectively. The treatment may involve medication, topical applications, or minimally invasive procedures, depending on your condition. Each session is meticulously planned and executed, reflecting his status as the best doctor for hair fall treatment in Noida. Expect comfort and care throughout the process, with Dr. Johar ensuring the highest standards of treatment efficacy and safety.

What should you expect during the recovery?

Recovery following Hair Fall Treatment in Noida under Dr. Manoj K Johar's care is usually straightforward. As a leading Hair Fall treatment doctor in Noida, he provides detailed aftercare instructions and ongoing support. Patients can expect minimal discomfort and a gradual improvement in hair density and health. Dr. Johar, the best doctor for hair fall treatment in Noida, emphasizes the importance of follow-up consultations to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.

How much does the treatment cost?

Treatment cost varies based on the type of procedure planned and usually is an out patient procedure and does not require admission.

How you can reach us?

You can book your appointment on 8527778462 or mail at

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