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Heatwave: 5 best and super hydrating foods to beat the heat

The summer season is here and it's never been hotter! The rising temperature has left everyone hot and bothered all day. Summers are not always full of laughter and sunshine. The heat can get unbearable and damaging. It can take away all our energy and leave us fatigued throughout the day. How to prepare ourselves for the heatwave?

It’s all in our food. The food we eat has the biggest impact on our health and our energy levels.Try including these 5 things in your diet to beat the heat and stay healthy :


Summers can invite plentiful chances of the flu and other bacterial infections due to extreme heat and humidity in the atmosphere. Curd is the most common and accessible cooling agent available in almost all Indian households. It gives instant hydration, keeps the body cool and helps to manage indigestion. It helps to keep the body clear of toxins which in turn even makes the skin smoother and softer. It's a life - saver during summers and improves your immunity exponentially.


Watermelon is probably the most consumed fruit during the summer season in India and worldwide. It has a water content of about 92% which makes it one of the best sources of instant hydration in summers. It helps in preventing dehydration and heat strokes.


Cucumber has a water content of around 95% which makes it the perfect go- to option during heatwaves. It helps in lowering and keeping the body heat low. It provides coolness and relieves digestion problems. Its versatility makes it more important during the summer season as it's not only used in foods and salads, but is also included in skincare for faces and eyes. It works wonders on the body and keeps it healthy and fresh during the summer time.

Coconut water

Dehydration is dangerous and can affect your overall wellbeing especially during summers. Coconut water is probably the best cooling agent during summers, and provides immediate hydration. It has cooling properties that can help you fight the extreme heat constantly and effectively.


Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C, hence, helps in keeping the body cool and hydrated during the summer. They also help in protecting skin from sun damage which is a big cause of skin concern during summers. They are also rich in antioxidants which further protect your skin from within. Antioxidant properties improve your immunity, reduce your chances of falling sick and act as barriers from the harsh and harmful sun rays.

With temperatures raging over 40° C regularly, it is hard to imagine what this summer season has in store for us. With humidity levels reaching an all time high this time, it has been a tough few months dealing with low energy levels, dehydration, weakness and fatigue. It is important to note that eating the right food will help you maintain your body temperature this summer. Try including all the above - listed food items in your diet and see the difference for yourself.

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