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7 Ways for hair care in summer

The way you care for your hair matters. Summers can be a challenging time for your hair as the high temperatures make your scalp dry and sweat constantly. All of this can lead to rough hair with receding hairlines and severe hair loss. Though difficult, these are not impossible to combat and treat.

Want to know the secret to healthy and gorgeous hair this summer? Check out these 7 easy ways you can beat the heat and take care of your hair this summer :

  1. Eat healthy and eat well The first step in a good hair care regime is your diet. The hair cells are the quickest growing cells in the body but they are also the first ones to be affected when you do not eat right or suffer with deficiencies. Limit your junk intake and include food rich in proteins, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C in your diet. They will provide nourishment to your hair and make them shiny and healthy. Include iron-rich foods like leafy vegetables, fish, beans, chickpea and soybeans in your diet. You also need food rich in amino acids and protein like milk, lentils and yogurt, because they provide strength to your hair.
  2. Say no to stress Try to maintain a stress - free life and an overall healthy lifestyle in order to minimize hair fall and make your hair stronger. Meditation and exercising can help you relieve stress and calm your hair loss.
  3. Don't forget to get your hair trimmed Get your hair trimmed to get a fresh and hygienic feeling throughout this summer. Trim them every few weeks to get rid of rough split ends. You will sweat less, there will be less hair fall and your hair will be more manageable.
  4. Try covering your hair while going out Sunlight has a damaging effect on your skin and hair. It can remove the moisture from your hair making it dry and brittle over the course of time. In summers, hair tends to get dirty, sweaty, rough and dry soon, however, a cover would prevent this from happening. Cover your hair with a cap or a scarf in order to protect them from the damage done by the sun and even the pollution.
  5. Avoid/reduce heat styling your hair If you are stepping out and want gorgeous curls or perfect waves, or the classic straight hair look; then there are a few ways you can get those without taking the help of a dryer, straightener or curler. Try learning and using those tricks to get your desired look. If you must use your iron or curler then use a heat - resistant serum before styling. In summers, frequent heat styling can damage your hair and make them dry, rough and frizzy. Try to save heat styling only for special occasions and wear your natural hair on the rest of the days.
  6. Conditioning will be the key to perfect hair Deep condition your hair well to provide them nourishment and moisture. Even though regular conditioning cleans and moisturises your hair, nothing quite works like deep conditioning. Every once in a while after washing your hair with shampoo and pat drying them, you should then take a generous amount of conditioner and apply it right at the roots of your hair. Take a comb and run it through your hair to ensure that the conditioner reaches everywhere. Pull your hair up and clip them together. You can leave the conditioner in for at least 15 minutes and at the most an hour. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy your silky smooth hair. It will undo all the damage your hair has gone through in the summer weather. It will transform your hair from parched, dry and rough to soft, smooth and silky.
  7. Keep yourself hydrated at all times Internal hydration is equally if not more important than external hydration. You may be using tons of hydrating hair care products, but if you are not drinking at least 3 litres of water everyday, your hair will be suffering internally. Drink a lot of water and keep yourself well - hydrated. Proper hydration will nourish your hair from inside and make them healthier. They will look gorgeous and shiny on the outside too. It was time to switch up your regular hair care routine. By religiously following all the above tips and incorporating them in your summer hair care routine, you can bid all your bad hair days a goodbye! This summer, rock all looks with your gorgeous and healthy hair!

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