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10 Ways to get glowing skin in summer

Summers are here! It is again that time of the year when you need to upgrade your lifestyle and the skincare routine in order to beat the heat! The summer season brings with itself numerous possibilities of skincare issues, tans, breakouts, and whatnot. When the temperature rises, the heat along with the humidity can quicken the premature signs of ageing too. But wait, you need not to worry too much. Do you want healthy and glowing skin this summer? By making a few changes to your skincare routine, your lifestyle and your diet, you can make it possible! Here are some tips and tricks to get the perfect summer skin :

Drink lots of water

Drink a lot of water and keep yourself well - hydrated. Proper hydration will nourish your skin from within and make it healthier. Your skin will start to clear up and there will be less breakouts. You will get super glowy skin.

Don't forget to use a sunscreen

The sun’s UV rays can be very harsh and damaging to the skin. Besides giving you a tan, they can also cause age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. A good sunscreen with SPF 30-50 is vital for the summer season for all skin types. You should apply sunscreen even when you're indoors for more effective results.

Include more vegetables and more fruits in your diet

Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet as they help the body stay cool and hydrated from within. They also help to release all the toxins from the body and keep the skin healthy. They will minimize the breakouts too.

Include serums and moisturizers in your skincare

Serums and moisturizers work wonders to hydrate your skin. They provide nourishment, protection and damage - control to your skin. They should definitely be a part of your summer skincare routine.

Go for minimal makeup looks

Minimal makeup allows your skin to breathe. Heat and humidity can create barriers and hinder skin’s ability to breathe, relax and rejuvenate.To avoid this case, you could avoid using a lot of heavy makeup, rather, you could just stick with a lip tint and a tinted moisturiser to create some minimal makeup looks to give your face a flush of colour and the summer glow.

Get some exercise

Exercise is an easy way to get glowing and healthy in summers, as it increases heart rate, pushes blood around the body and removes all the toxins from the body. Regular exercise and yoga can make you look younger too by improving your skin texture and skin elasticity.

Avoid smoke and pollution

Coming in contact with smoke and pollution exposes your face with all sorts of chemical toxins.These toxins can damage your skin and make it look dull and lifeless. It is better to avoid smoke and pollution altogether.

Take cold showers

Try taking cold showers to minimize your skin’s exposure to hot water as it can make your skin rough and dry. Cool water also improves circulation and the immunity system which have direct effects on the improved health and quality of the skin.


You should use a face scrub at least twice a week to remove excess dirt and oil from the skin. It will clean out all the dead cells and dirt from your skin and leave behind smooth and soft skin.

Try to get a good amount of sleep daily

Sleep is very important for ensuring healthy and glowing skin. Your skin revives and rejuvenates while you're sleeping. It also helps your mood swings and anxiety, and your body feels healthier, overall.

The dazzling summer season is here to stick around for a while, so do not fear the sun. Just ensure that you are taking good care of your skin. Follow these top 10 skin beauty tips to get healthy skin and restore your skin’s natural glow. These skin care tips will not only protect you from the sun’s harmful effects, but will also make you healthier and happier.

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